Our Products

We provide a wide range of services to meet your Cannabis 2.0 needs.

We research, develop and offer our clients new and innovative products.
We also provide end to end contract manufacturing services.


We formulate custom blends of extracts and isolates. We also process extracts into cartridges, pods and disposable pens. We offer a range of high end battery technologies, with appealing designs, as well as fully packaged and branded products.


We infuse a full range of high quality, dermatologically tested emulsions, solutions and cream bases with high quality CBD concentrate. Products range from skincare essentials to shampoos, our high quality topicals are made possible through an exiting new industry partnership.


A new wave of edibles is poised to drive growth for the recreational market. We design and produce edible cannabis products including gummies, candies, and pills using proprietary material technologies. Our design centric approach yields products consumers love.


We produce a full range of tinctures, tablets, and soft gel pills. We tailor our production process to your specific potency and CBD/THC balance needs, ensuring a final product that meets the widest range of consumers’ tastes and needs.